Artist Network

Our artist network extends beyond the musicians listed on our “Artist” page. Musicians in our extended network include soloists, conductors, and ensembles that we work closely with exclusively on specific projects.


Our network consists of many high-profile singers from Austria and other European countries.

Contact us for further information about singers for opera and operetta productions.


Below you will find a list of our growing artist network. Bookings and further information for these artists can be obtained via polaris.

For inquiries related to a specific formation, genre or type of event, please reach out to us and we will be happy to present you with a customised artistic proposal.





All Female Virtuosi

all female ensemble of women of color, based in the US


Duo Lioren

cello- and guitarmusic from Austria and Chile


Flechl/Lang Duo

renowned singer-duo (Austria); concerts from the Wiener Musik-verein to Sydney's Opera House


Baroque Ensemble Contrarco

young ensemble from the Veneto region (Italy), performing on period instruments

Fukio Saxophone Quartet

one of the most thrilling young saxophone ensemble in Europe; based in Germany

Tenors Unlimited

The Rat Pack of Opera

based in the UK

Odessa Beethoven Festival 2020 /Odessa Festival Orchestra

A three day interactive festival of music, poetry, philosophy, food and rink to celebreate the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth. The city of Odessa will experience the essence of Beethoven's time in every sensory apsect of this great pioneer.

Showcasing symphonic works, piano sonatas, chamber music and his epic ninth symphony as the closing of the three day Beethoven immersion.

Meet and discuss ideas at the Festival Headquarters, a pop up "Kaffeehaus" serving third-wave coffee (62 beans, as Beethoven himself counted every morning) and displaying an art exhibition from local artists.

Venues for the festival include the Philharmonic Hall, the Odessa Opera House, the Port of Odessa just to name a few.

The Festival is scheduled to tour to other countries afterwards.


Visit for further information or contact us directly.