Tour and Artist Management

Your experienced partner for international music tours and innovative classical music projects

(c) Arindam Mahanta on unsplash.com

Our mission

polaris is inspired by the Polar Star, whose direction and visibility connects people all over the world. We believe that music has a similar power to unite people of diverse backgrounds.

It is our mission to establish these connections by leading artists and their talents to stages and audiences around the globe.


We work with a wide network of artists and presenters stemming from, but not limited to, the classical genre to create opportunities to expand the musician's talents to stages around the world.

Furthermore it is our mission to provide artists with the professional tools necessary for connecting their music with audiences and artists across borders and cultures.



What we do:

    Booking management for soloists and ensembles

    Tour management for ensembles and orchestras, especially to Asia, Oceania and South America

    Development/Refinement of PR and promotional material (incl. CD production) and career counseling for artists