Career Compass for

Classical Musicians


Too many great musicians have not become successful simply due to a lack of marketing, booking of performances and poor contracts.


Quite often the business-part of a musicians career doesn't get enough attention, both due to financial and time-reasons. We therefore offer affordable individual packages and services in all parts of the musical business sector, designed especially for freelance musicians in the classical music scene.


Our services include

  • composition and/or revision of marketing material (CVs, promo texts, photo- and videoshoots, sound recordings, graphic design of flyers, posters, business cards, etc.
  • personal consultation, which materials are adviseable for your situation
  • individual trainings and workshops on different topics, e.g. fee negotiations, social media marketing, performance planning, etc.
  • checking of contracts (performance contracts, record label contracts, etc.)
  • legal advise for questions in copyright, etc.

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