(c) Maria Frodl
(c) Maria Frodl

Eric Lamb


Brief Biography

The US-born artist has studied in the US and Germany, lived in New Zealand and is currently based in Austria.

Eric maintains an on-going commitment to expanding the 21st century flute repertoire and is deeply involved in the study and exploration of 17th and 18th century performance practice.

He has created many recordings, including two solo albums ICONS and ICONS 2 (released on Orlando Records) and quite recently Four concertos for flute and strings by Johann Joachim Quantz with the Kölner Akademie under Michael Alexander Willens.

Eric regularly peforms as a soloist and chamber musician in the great halls around the world, such as the Musikverein Wien, Austria.



The New York Times

"...tonal beauty and exacting technique shown by the flutist Eric Lamb in Cage’s Solo for flute from Concert for Piano and Orchestra...."


Gaspars Block. Chicago

"Lamb performed this solo on bass flute, and both his impeccable performance of the piece and the piece's beauty and grace were equally noteworthy."


Chamber Musician Today

"In Phyllis Chen’s Beneath a Trace of Vapor, the relationship between Eric Lamb’s live flute and the many pre-recorded flutes (which were heavily filtered and distorted) felt downright ghostly, like a haunted forest on some alien world."

Live Review. Consequence of Sound

"Lamb’s arsenal of breath effects and warped glissandi were truly spectacular..."


Audio & Video


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