Music Exchange Austria - Colombia

in cooperation with the Festival Hormiga De Oro, Colombia

  • Chamber Music Concerts
  • Orchestra Concerts
  • Concerts for Children
  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops
  • Making music together


The idea
Austria: the centre of classical music
Musicians and music enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Austria to listen, learn and experience the Viennese Sound live.
But not everyone is able to do that. That’s where polaris artist management joins in. We bring classical musicians from Austria and Europe to those internationally not so interconnected regions.
This leads to a cultural exchange. Musicians and local music enthusiasts experience Austrian classical music at first hand. Austrian Chamber music ensembles take the music of our metropolis out into the world. The immediate contact with the audience is paramount. However, besides concerts there will be enough time for  musical exchange, conversations, discussions and even making music together.
The mutual familiarization of local interpretations of classical pieces as well as the joined development of new compositions opens new perspectives.

The project is planned to take place regularly, in the future various countries from Europe and Latin- and South America shall take part.


In our first year, we will focus on the two countries Austria and Colombia. “The Mirabell Project”, an ensemble of five young musicians with different citizenships, who have all been based in Austria for many years will travel to Colombia, perform concerts in various settings and formations, introduce the local audience to the “Austrian Sound” and get in touch with local musicians.


Chamber Music Concerts

From Classical Viennese programs to Latin American compositions;


Orchestra Concerts

The ensemble members as soloists with local orchestras


Concerts for Children

Light program and interactively arranged – language barriers will be bridged through music;



Music students will be taught by the ensemble members; individual lessons as well as chamber music lessons will be offered;



For orchestra members but also for people with no prior musical knowledge; the participants will learn about Austrian Music and its rich tradition.


Making music together

There will be enough time for the cultural exchange, talking and of course joined music