Mäuschen Max

A children's music program for kids 0-7 years (in German)

„Mäuschen Max is a star at the Barocktage in Melk“

(Tenor Michael Schade at a press interview for the Internationale Barocktage at the Stift Melk 2018)


Mäuschen Max is an exceptional happy and energetic little mouse who loves to sing. Together with the ensemble "klangmemory" Max is going on lots of adventures. 

Children between the age of 0 - 7 and their companions are invited to join Max on his many excursions, learn, sing and dance with him.


The concerts are all in German, however due to the interactivity and the easy stories also children, who do not know the language or are only just starting to learn it will be able to follow.


The concerts are based on the relationship between the children, their companions and the musicians on stage. The kids can experience this musical event with all senses, they can accompany the music with self-made instruments, scarfs, drums and other equipment but they can also hear and feel the rhythm through the music and dance of the adults.


Max is accompanied by the ensemble klangmemory. The artists are all professional musicians and have many years of experience as teachers.

Christina Foramitti, member of the ensemble klangmemory, has been awarded with the "Anerkennungspreis" of Lower Austria in the category "Innovative Kultur- und Wissenschaftsvermittlung für junge Menschen - Sonderpreis 2014" for the project "Mäuschen Max".

The music covers all genres (Pop, Classic, folk music, Jazz) and also appeals to adults.



Max has been on the following adventures and loves to go on them again and again and again:

  • Mäuschen Max geht gern spazieren - Ein musikalischer Spaziergang
  • Mäuschen Max bekommt Besuch - Eine musikalische Nikolausgeschichte
  • Mäuschen Max träumt oft vom Meer - Eine musikalische Urlaubsgeschichte
  • Mäuschen Max hört auf sein Herz - Eine barocke Tiergeschichte von Suchen und Vertrauen
  • Mäuschen Max verschenkt die Welt - Eine klingende Geburtstagsgeschichte inspiriert durch Musik von Joseph und Michael Haydn
  • Es hat sich halt eröffnet - Ein klingender Adventkalender mit Mäuschen Max


For most of the programs there are books and CDs available (in German).


Mäuschen Max is available in two different versions:

  • Interactive Concert for kids groups and adults with children (open to the public)
  • Interactive Concert for kids groups, kindergarten and elementary schools (not open to the public)

You can find more information about Max' various adventures and the ensemble klangmemory on their website (in German): http://www.maeuschenmax.at/


If you are interested in booking Max and the ensemble for an event, please contact us via e-mail: office(at)polarisartists.at