Otto M. Zykan



Zykan was a versatile artist, and an uncompromising new composer with a creative flare.
In his time, he composed operas, concerts, chansons, stage and film music, and performed as a linguistic acrobat.
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Staatsoperette - Die Austrotragödie


What is the Staatsoperette?

Of course it is not a pure invention but also not the reality. A reality from the past cannot be brought back. The “Staatsoperette” is much more a presentation of political and human behavior, like we can imagine in every country at any time.

Otto M. Zykan


“Irene Suchy and the composer Michael Mautner adapted and amended the strongly shortened and accompanied-by-protests movie version of 1977 and created a sharp satiric-historic burlesque-play, set congenially in scene by director Simon Meusburger.
The beautiful-evil history lesson about Austria’s political rollercoaster in between in the world wars is an exceptional musical delicacy. And horrifying funny, with emphasis on horrifying."

Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung, 04/08/2016