Because first impressions count!

An excellent first impression to presenters, agencies, and sponsors is necessary to open the door for working together. Often this impression happens before a concert or recording where your natural talent comes through, and therefore needs to convey your ability and skill on paper. So, it is essential to have professionally prepared PR material to make the first  impression a very good one and give your music a chance to shine.

We offer introductory PR-packages for all classical musicians looking to personally manage their career and who want to improve their material for applications to agencies. In the first meeting we will discuss what materials are necessary, existing PR information, and individual needs of the musician, before putting together an offer for a specialized package.

The packages can include:

  • CV (various lengths; written in both German and English)
  • Flyers, Posters, Folders, Business Cards, etc.
  • Social Media Coaching especially for musicians; by an experienced social media manager
  • Support and advice with matters with the Austrian collecting society AKM
  • Rhetorical training  (public speaking, etc.)
  • Professional photo shooting (studio and/or outdoor shootings)
  • Promo-video shooting
  • Audio recording
  • Concert recording
  • Individual consulting lessons regarding programming, networking, marketing and general career planning for musicians