Piano and Dance


2 artists, 2 art forms. A powerful dancer beside a sensitive pianist, ballet and music.

2 programs, 1 evening: piano and video show - Insomnia for eyes and ears.

Dancing virtuosity and pianistic fulfillment - music player with body and fingers.

Travel through time and space.

Above all: music for senses.

Spectacular, impressive, unique.

(c) Andrej Grilc
(c) Andrej Grilc

Maria Radutu

Universal Music Artist


"Insomnia – a first class listening experience“

Die Presse

„A young pianist with classical background who brings out her own identity“


(c) Ashley Taylor
(c) Ashley Taylor

Eno Peçi

Soloist of the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera

“The funny guy who can also be the nasty villain”

Die Presse


„Peçi has the technique, the versatility, the body, the face, the charisma, the mind and the talent to have a remarkable international career!“

Ballett Review - New York