An exhibition by Irene Suchy and Clarisse Maylunas about the significant role that women have played in the creation of music throughout the centuries.


4 July - 2 September 2018, Orangery Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna, of all places, hasn’t hosted a major exhibition on the subject of Music, in any shape or form, in nearly twenty years. Now, in this most timely project, one of its great art-halls is to focus on the significant role that women have played in the making of music throughout the centuries.

At first sight, you might not know these personalities, who contributed significantly to European music-life – however after visiting the exhibition the striking experience will let you know what you have missed.

From five different perspectives, in five specially-designed rooms, this Exhibition will most artfully highlight the substantial contribution that women have made both in the fields of composition and music-making too. From Hildegard von Bingen to Olga Neuwirth, women’s hitherto unrecognised profile in the history of music will be seen in a wider political context now that efforts have been made, both in Europe and internationally, to create a more gender-balanced world. Indeed Austria’s Foreign Ministry, for its part, published a book focusing on women’s music for the first time in 2009.

Though the Exhibition will naturally enough focus on Austrian female composers it will properly look as well at all the great women composers from past ages and other countries. Designed in concept to astonish and fascinate, the Exhibition will have interactive features and altogether it will be highly approachable.

Following its opening in Vienna, the aim is for it to tour worldwide, both to music festivals and art institutions that present a feminine agenda.

The Exhibition will provide a venue for female musical, artistic and political discussion. On specific dates there will be concerts and panels (starting at 6 PM). More information about the artists and the program you can find here.