Piano and Dance


An exceptional program with piano solo music and dance, performed by two exceptional artists.

Maria as guest soloist at the Vienna State Opera. Eno in the leading role. 2 souls finding each other. As artists, as people.

I. Strawinsky - Histoire du soldat


Édua Zádory - Violin

Markus Adenberger - Clarinet

Maria Radutu - Piano


Strawinskys L’histoire du soldat – one of the most exciting pieces that were ever written - bizarre, witty, diabolic, dance-like. 

Based on that the three musicians find their way through the probably most multifaceted time of music history, the first half of the 20th century.

As soloists, duo or trio they create a magical world around this master piece by Strawinsky with further works by Milhaud, Poulenc, Saint Saens and Bartok.

(c) http://gesten.wixsite.com/ottomzykan
(c) http://gesten.wixsite.com/ottomzykan

Otto M. Zykan - Composer

Staatsoperette - Die Austrotragödie as well as other composition pieces by Otto M. Zkyan;
In co-operation with Dr. Irene Suchy 


Zykan was a versatile artist, and an uncompromising new composer with a creative flare.
In his time, he composed operas, concerts, chansons, stage and film music, and performed as a linguistic acrobat. For more information about his various works, please have a look here


Music Exchange Austria - Colombia

 Spanish Version

Viennese classic meets Columbian music lovers

  • Chamber music concerts
  • Masterclasses, Workshops
  • Solo concerts with local orchestras
  • Interactive children concerts
  • Musical exchange

Clarinet - Piano 3.0


Off the beaten track of classical concerts, we discover the duo Adenberger-Patzlaff who dare to step into exciting new territory with their latest performance. The two musicians offer a program which joins modern and classic together with elements of improvisation, components of traditional classical concerts, and a seldom heard clubbing atmosphere in the form of buoyant jazz pieces for clarinet and piano.

(c) Szilárd Simkó
(c) Szilárd Simkó

Music Education with the Vienna Wind Ensemble


The Vienna Wind Ensemble returns! 

After a creative break and with a new orientation, the five musicians are travelling around the world with an extensive and diverse musical education program.

(c) Marion Carniel
(c) Marion Carniel

Flechl and Lang Duo
Two artists from the renowned vocal quartet ‘Klangquadrat’ combine to bring audiences an amazing sound experience. Elisabeth Flechl, a soprano, and Elisabeth Lang, an alto, have been successfully preforming together for years to the delight of audiences.
They have been in numerous joint concerts around the world, from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein Wien in Austria to the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Their most recent performances have taken place in: the Palais Eschenbach in Vienna, the cathedral of Wiener Neustadt, the National Exhibition of Upper Austria, and various festivals around Austria. They have also performed internationally on the big stages of Japan.
The ensemble will be performing a number of different programs, each with a particular focus and theme, to bring their audiences a new experience each time. The variety of their music will range from the romantic ‘Lied’ cycles to contemporary pieces.
The duo is being accompanied on the piano by Thomas Böttcher.