The offered services


General management: Having an official agency to represent and introduce artists to presenters is a huge benefit, bringing a level of professionalism to artists and leaving them to focus on their music. Together with the artist we will develop key aspects of focus and plan an artistic concept for the upcoming years.

Representation in specific geographical areas: The agency has contacts and experience in a range of geographies, in particular Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America. We aim to give artists the best opportunities in these regions. Representation in other regions can be discussed and individually agreed upon as well.

Tour management: There is a lot of work behind the scenes to make a tour successful. The agency manages the whole process of planning and negotiating the tour, from logistic preparation to performance realization, and will accompany the tour where necessary.

Public Relations for Artists: Artists often do not realize the importance of professionally prepared PR materials, however it is a crucial component in promoting an aritist's career. We offer introductory PR packages for artists looking to personally manage their career and who want to improve their material for applications to agencies.

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